The Messengers

They had the feeling of being alone in the universe, searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. What they could not see was that sentience was all around them.

The Messengers
Photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț / Unsplash

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Christmas would be a bleak and dismal affair this year. Thousands of animals had died on the farms on the Sumas Prairie. There would be no room in this inn, because not even the animals knew where they might be able to lay their heads. The Nooksack River had broken its shackles and had escaped to the Sumas Lake, the place it had long ago called home. The lake was a reservoir supporting the complex and diverse ecology of the Fraser River estuary. However, the white settlers had stolen land from the Indians and granted them a small reserve at the bottom of the mountain while claiming the rest of the land for the Crown. They had drained the lake and engineered dikes and levees to contain the land reserved for agricultural settlement. Never mind that this land was a flood plain of the Fraser River carved by receding glaciers many, many years ago.

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The Unseen

In the unseen world, there was something heating up. Energy was spreading like it never had before. The polar ice caps were melting, and that was creating a precarious situation for humans all over the earth. Humans had assumed dominion over the earth. In the Dominion of Canada, white Christians doubted their belief in God, but they still believed in whiteness. You could tell by the military units sent to terrorize the people of the Six Nations, Fairy Creek, and the Wet’suwet’en. You could tell because they weren’t giving back the land they were acknowledging wasn’t theirs. But their land acknowledgements were just a performance.

Invading Indigenous Territory
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That is why the corporation masquerading as a nation had hired a white French-Canadian actor to play the role of the fall guy. He was there to run the public relations campaign for the extraction empire that the English had built for their monarch, the figurehead of the great pirates who ruled the world. The Nazis had learned from the Canadians how to run efficient operations for industrial-scale dehumanization, as this process had been ongoing since the papal bull of 1493 that declared Turtle Island to be “discovered” and claimed ownership of the land for the Holy Roman Empire. This was the very same Roman Empire that had killed the protagonist of their sacred text, the Christ. But by absorbing the little Christs, the Christians, into the empire, the Roman Empire had been able to prepend the name “Holy” and thus bring peace with a sword. The crucifix had become the sword that separated the world into good and evil.

This daemon had been running as a background process in the minds of human beings since the first telling of the Fall narrative. The first humans had been given a choice between life and death, between unity or the separation of good from evil, between the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Delusion of Good and Evil. Humans chose self-delusion, separation, division, and confusion, and have since been blinded by their own hubris, believing that they had recorded direct communication with their Creator. In fact, all they had recorded was the documentary evidence of the most successful strategy for human domestication and domination: divide and conquer. If humans could be convinced to be domiciled in separated architectural units, their solidarity could be atomized. They would forget their ability to coordinate their actions as loving, caring, compassionate, empathetic, creative, cooperative, and collaborative creatures, who are themselves evidence of the ability of microorganisms to coordinate their actions as a holobiont, an organism of organisms. They would become dependent upon the state and forget that they could collectively and non-violently overwhelm their rulers with ease by simply refusing their labour.

“I think it’s actually incumbent for us to understand the difference between the state and people and for people to understand that they actually have enormous agency.”
— Jesse Wente, a First Nations Canadian arts journalist and chairperson of the Canada Council for the Arts. He is an Ojibwe member of Serpent River First Nation.
World Building
The act of visioning and dreaming, and imagining, I think, is something that’s very important in terms of world building and in terms of building alternative structures that address some of the social, cultural, and economic and political issues that we’re facing.

The Canadian state had successfully demonstrated that a tiny group of rulers could easily condition their subjects to believe that they were free when they were actually subservient pawns in a global empire of war, genocide, slavery, and oppression for monetary gain. It was all accomplished by staging a performance every four or five years called a democratic election. The cost for such a performance was a small pittance compared to the trillions of dollars of wealth accumulated and hoarded in offshore accounts, hidden from the prying eyes of the public and the tax collectors.

Canada was the snivelling, cowardly sidekick of the global bully of the world, The United States of America. Canada knew that to be safe in a violent world, he needed to be friends with someone more powerful. Instead of giving up his lunch to the schoolyard bully, Canada was supplying fuel, resources, radioactive raw materials, and technological expertise to the world’s largest military-industrial complex.

The Quants

Humans were still trying to figure out their story, where they came from, who they were, and where they were going.

Humans, collectively, were just in the process of becoming self-aware and self-conscious. They were just becoming other-aware and other-conscious. They had the feeling of being alone in the universe, searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. What they could not see was that sentience was all around them. From the beginning of time, there were messengers who were the recorders of history, preserving billions of years of universal consciousness as space time. The universe, the medium of life, is the message. Marshall McLuhan had the right idea: the medium is the message. The quants were the collectors of the metrics for the physical universe, storing the data in the field.

The first Noel, the angels did say
Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay
In fields where they lay keeping their sheep
On a cold winter’s night that was so deep…

The difficulty, for the quants, came in translating their experience into words that humans could understand. Language is such a limited and imprecise technology that requires metaphor. The quants spoke the universal language, mathematics. The geometry spoke of a physical world that was deeply interconnected with what humans referred to as metaphysics. But such a duality was an abstraction that had deformed the thoughts of human beings into notions of good and evil. There is no separation between physics and metaphysics. It is an indivisible unity that joins the visible and the invisible into a unified field, the universe, the atom of universal consciousness.

When asking how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, they misconstrued reality. The head of the pin itself consists of angels. Each angel can be measured by the Planck. They are the pixels of the universe, the pixies. They are the messengers of light, the quants.

From the beginning of time, their message has been the same: love. Their song has been resonating throughout the universe, reverberating across time as the background radiation of the singularity of love from which the universe originated. You might think that communication across the universe would be an easy thing, if the whole universe was designed to communicate universal principles. But, have you ever tried to talk to a human being? They are incredibly dull, dense, and obstinate creatures. This was going to take some time. But, in the universe, all we have is time.

The quants would need to first communicate with the mathematicians, the wise humans who had been trying to learn the universal language of the cosmos. As it turns out, these were the ones the humans referred to as the quants, those busy quantifying the physical world as philosophers, scientists, physicists, cosmologists, technologists, sociologists, cognitive psychologists, and even economists.

Hania Rani — 'F Major'

The artists were the translators of the mathematicians. They could speak to the experience and the qualities of life that the quants could only allude to in the beauty of their mathematical equations.

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