BEAM(ing) regen·era

BEAM(ing) regen·era

It wasn’t until we moved into the dome in our new neighborwood that the rainbows became brighter and more present on a regular basis. It was becoming more and more obvious with each beaming we are sphere now, always have been. That’s also when I started to be concerned at the intensity of the ringing in my ears while walking in the woods. A ringing that has had a faint din resonating in me for years.

I was worried when I was younger that no one else heard what I heard, saw what I saw. Not really frightened as there was something soothing to it all. A familiarity of a long lost ancestor, or maybe even a forecestor calling to me.

It was on one of my walks tracking the deer prints here on the land of insideout the ringing became much clearer. It reminded me of the ringing of the old analog phones we used to have connected by wires to the wall. As a kid it was so funny to be on a call and suddenly hear strangers voices criss-crossing the conversation… “party lines” we knew them as.

Yet here I was on the red dirt path we playfully call junipine, where the Junipers meet the Pines on the lower eastern slopes of the Cascades. There is also a beautiful strand of Aspen near the pond who keep an eye on me.

Here along the stretch of volcanos in the northwest of Turtle Island I was walking with my cell phone taking pictures of the deer. I’m not sure why they call them phones anymore. Seems we use them more as cameras with the ability to share photos and wordplay wirelessly.

Suddenly there was that ringing again but it wasn’t my phone as I had turned off the ringer to not frighten the deer.

When approaching the ancient Juniper covered in vibrant green lichen the ringing intensified.

I looked up to see two birds perched atop this tree of life. I heard one squawk, “look out,” then the other cooed, “look in.” Just then an incredible rainbow suddenly appeared stopping me in my tracks.

As if lured by a familiarity, a long lost family friend, I reached out to touch the ragged twisted bark of this old Juniper. At the very moment I touched the tree the ringing intensified. It caught me off guard. Puzzled, I quickly retracted my hand. Slowly I placed my hand on the tree again on one of the low branches as if resting it on tree’s shoulder.

In awe of the ringing, I allowed my hand to stay, caressing its limb and closed my eyes. There was a sense of trust between us. I knew this was true because my breath settled to a slow inhale and exhale with the pace of the ringing shivering tree’s timbers.

As we both acknowledged this relationship something else took root. The bond of an earthen memory entangled us from the ground up. The ringing continued until I realized maybe I should answer it. Soon after that thought I heard myself say out loud, “hello?”

The ringing stopped. You know when you first answer the phone but are not sure who it is so there is a moment of silence. That’s how it was in this awkwardness between us. Then tree spoke, but not how you might be thinking, not out loud.

An inner voice came through me stimulating all of my senses igniting a plethora of synapses. It was as if all of the electrons and protons we are made of were dancing to a new consciousness. New to me but as ancient as universe.

I’ll do my best here to share with you what I heard. What this ancient tree imparted to me. This epic thread whispered and woven through eons.

Tree started its story upon recognition I was listening deeply…

“Once upon a moment that slipped out of time there was a story that twisted like a vine. To keep you attuned I’ll speak to what rings your bell from this place of the eternal now. Do you remember when you were a child and played the game telephone,” tree asked me.

Yes, I mumbled a bit astonished, yes I remember playing this game telephone. The tree continued…

“There you stand in circle with all of your friends when the words were first whispered from whence it came. Then on it goes murmured from ear to ear twisting and turning with giggles then to confusion reflected in scrunched up faces and onwards finally returning from whence it came.

Now I want you to imagine this is not simply a circle of your friends but all of humanity throughout time. All with something to say, what they thought they heard, absurd as it may be. And when these words went full circle rifling through the pain and suffering of humanity, triggering generations of trauma, returning again upon whence it came…”

At this moment I felt tree shudder, shiver and shake to its core. Tree then continued but something in its tone shifted and felt somber as I absorbed what came next…

“What are these words you have derived demanded from whence it came! What is this story of separation you have concocted. What nonsense you profess. Divide and conquer is not what I said. This is not the way to be,” whispered tree ominously.

“You are all entwined in something much greater than self. You are part of a whole, not apart from the whole. ’Twas never meant to be divide and conquer, separate you, me and empathy. Divide and conquer is no way to behave. Listen carefully to what was originally said from whence it came…”

Slowly I heard tree utter the words, “divine and concur,” then I asked tree to be sure.

“Divine and concur, to be intuitively in accord,” tree whispered to me. Not once but three times, “divine and concur, divine and concur, divine and concur.” I felt this echo radiating through my body from deep in my core, my heart, then outwards beyond my limbs in every which direction.

Then tree fell silent, the two of us standing side by side on the land of insideout. Soon thereafter I headed back home to the dome.

I’m so honored to have heeded the call from tree. Oh yeah, one other thing I forgot to mention is about the rainbows. When I arrived back at the dome and walked in the door I turned to close it. I was so surprised to see lots of little rainbows followed me in! As I turned they scattered and out they went. They left me with a sense of kinship, friends who will always be within.

Once the refractions of colorful lights disappeared I sat on the deck overlooking the pond and opened my computer to document this incredible story of what I experienced.

In flow of writing, these words that now follow also emerged upon this page…I’m still working on deciphering them:

BEAM(ing) from the heart of the regenaissance

evolving our #senseof refraction and reflection

as an era of divide and conquer dims

reimagined reactionaries

becoming refractionaries

re-membering the confluence

of divine and concur

to be I am

intuitively in accord

creativity flowing

to its full radiance

artifacts of essence

momentary eternity

being sphere now



P.S. I have recently caught wind of what and who BEAM(ing) is about from our eleprocon kin… “we seem to be a verb, be the medium, be the message.”