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We are a growing collective of change agents who are co-creating an open, digital framework for the commons to effectively share resources to build the future of humanity.

Stop Reset Go

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“You have to change your mind before you change the way you live and the way you move… The thing that’s going to change people will be something that no one will ever be able to capture on film. It will just be something you see and all of a sudden you realize ‘I’m on the wrong page.’”

— Gil Scott-Heron

About Stop Reset Go

“When we try to pick out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible cords that cannot be broken, to everything in the universe.”

— John Muir

The Challenge

There is no question that there is an urgent need to simultaneously lower the total ecological footprint of humanity AND redistribute wealth more equally. The great challenges facing humanity are also the great opportunities for us to reshape the world into the one we wish to live in. Yet, progress seems to be dangerously slow. A recent study of emissions reductions in the UK (Capstick et al, 2015) shows that the impact of behavioral interventions account for a mere 3% of total emissions reduction. Clearly we have a lot of work to do in a short period of time.

The Gap

What is puzzling is that there seems to be more than enough people, organizations and movements working on this problem. So why is progress so painfully slow? Why does such a huge gap exist between knowledge and action and how do we shrink it?

The View

We search for the answer by taking a more expansive perspective that looks above the treeline to find the bigger forest view and below the trees themselves to find the roots of the problem. When we look, what we see is a body divided.

What we, as change agents lack is a deep and practical unity. We have been stuck in the competitive paradigm for so long that even as change agents we are still working in silos and competing against each other for limited resources. We may feel we are fighting for change outside of us, but the real battle is the one inside ourselves. We need to disrupt our own engrained habits so that we may reach a new level of collaboration with others.

The Framework

Stop Reset Go (SRG) is not a movement, but a holistic framework consisting of complimentary digital tools that will help bring together the countless amazing but highly fragmented movements, change agents and organizations already out there doing amazing work. A global platform that taps into the deep currents of collaboration within all of us will serve to greatly amplify the impact each of us can make, to create a tsunami of change. We will crowdsource the planet to build the platform, then use it to crowdsource solutions for the planet.

The Call

Stop Reset Go We are a growing collective of change agents who seek your support to co-create an open, digital framework for the commons, enabling citizens, entrepreneurs, activists, communities and distributed initiatives around the world to come out of their silos, converge and effectively share resources to build the future of humanity. Our plea is simple:

  • STOP supporting what we already know is not working,
  • RESET our actions and align them with our hearts’ wisdom and
  • GO towards the world we have all imagined is possible


our dependency on an antiquated paradigm built upon self-interest, competition and consumption; one which has enabled the emergence of a multitude of interrelated systemic problems.


our actions to align with our hearts, go beyond the limits of our imagination and dare to envision what’s really possible.


towards the more beautiful world we all know is possible, hand-in-hand and co-creating with other change agents, activists, re-imagineers, transformers and revolutioneers.

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